September 1, 2015


Halsey Inspires Crowdfunded Campaign to Give Depressed Kids Concert Tix

Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images
Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Teen queen, internet sensation and pop prodigy Halsey is on the rise in every sense of the word, due in large to her positive personality and honest nature. It makes her a Twitter force to be reckoned with: Even if you're not a young girl, you've probably seen/felt inspired by one of her 140-character messages.

Two years ago the now-20-year-old singer/songwriter wrote on the social media platform, "Someone should start a foundation that raises money for concert tickets for depressed kids who owe their lives to their favorite band."

The message continues to make rounds years after its inception and has recently inspired the foundation Hal dreamed up. Two teenage girls have launched a GoFundMe campaign for The Music Sanctuary, an organization dedicated to buying concert tickets for kids suffering from depression. The actual mechanics of how it'll work have yet to be determined, but the mission statement is as sweet as they come:

"Hello! We are Reagan and Mollie, two teenage girls with a dream to help other kids around our age who are struggling. We want to make a way for these kids who might be depressed or struggle with any mental illness, but are still alive and fighting because of a band or artist. We know that music can really influence someone's life for the better, and we want to give these kids and teenagers the opportunity to meet these people who have influenced them that much."

You can read more and donate right here. Make sure to check out our fave Halsey tweets and click through our gallery of H at Lollapalooza 2015.