September 2, 2015


Did Justin Bieber Reference Selena Gomez in the "What Do You Mean" Vid?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have always had something of a rough relationship. When they broke up, it really hit us hard. Every once in a while some internet human will come up with a theory that the two are still in cahoots together, or at the very least, making music/art about the other. Today it appears Biebs is totally guilty, referencing Gomez in a very public the music video for his last single, "What Do You Mean."

In a very, very brief scene, the name "Selena" is seen spray painted on a graffiti wall in a skatepark.

Now, there probably is some street artist out there who uses "Selena" as a tag but we choose to believe in the conspiracy. J Biebs, if you miss her that much, let her know!

Revisit the video then check out Justin's mug shot...along with those of 14 other celebs.