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15 Times Lana Del Rey Proved Herself Queen Of Tumblr

Our 'Honeymoon' songstress reigns supreme on the social media platform. Flip through our list to find out just how she does it

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High Fashion Looks

At its foundation, Tumblr is a place for the visually vibrant to run wild. Lana Del Rey's look is so distinctive...put her in some high-fashion gear and the social media platform will go wild. Plus, she just looks, like, totally gorgeous.

(Embed: MindControlSlave)

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Bummed-Out Bride

Nothing says "Tumblr" like a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress with the world's most morose facial expression, right? Well, maybe only a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress with the world's most morose facial expression edited to look like a pastel Polaroid. 

(Embed: Trash-Magic)

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Sex Sells

When Del Rey isn't her sweet, somber self, she's sexy as hell. Turn that energy into a hot-as-hell gif, and Tumblr will eat it up.

(Embed: TommyTV)

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James Franco...

The only person more Tumblr than Lana is probably James Franco. He's got it all: The hot "now" dude factor and the vintage babe thing a la Freaks and Geeks. Put the pair together and the Internet implodes.

(Embed: Chanel-Smokes)

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Bubble Bud!

The only thing that would make this gif more Tumblr is if she was wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and her lips were painted a vibrant red. Trust.

(Embed: Scratg)

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Crying MySpace Selfie

This one's quite the image. 1.) It's a selfie, but the arm is extended in a retro MySpace fashion. 2.) She's wearing what appears to be a vintage shirt; her hair is awry 3.) Her makeup is dark, deep and smudged. It's emo as hell, but in a pretty way, which is totes Tumblr.

(Embed: LizzyAndThePhenomena)

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The New Americana

A young Lana looks melancholic in front of a ruffled American flag. This is so Tumblr, it could be printed on a shirt at Urban Outfitters.

(Embed: LizzyAndThePhenomena)

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More Crying

Homegirl cries while singing her own songs! What's more relatable than that?

(Embed: uw0lnij)

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Flower Power Crown

Before Coachella completely co-opted the hipster-tastic fashion trend of flower crowns, Miss Lana Del Rey was holding down the fort. We mean, the item and the indie-leaning pop princess are eternally associated with one another.

(Embed: CarpeDiemSevgilim)

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Cats. Cats = The only thing more relatable than singing and crying.

(Embed: BornToLana)

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Somber & Sexy

Black fur, black hair, black lashes, black strap...you sense the pattern, right? 

(Embed: Trash-Magic)

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Selfish Kisses

She'll share a kiss but she won't blow. Or, perhaps she'll just kiss you hard before she goes...What's more Tumblr than living the lyrics to "Summertime Sadness"?

(Embed: ParadiseForLana)

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Disney Diva

A sense of old school Americana runs rampant on the site, and in many ways, a love of California sunshine and the aesthetic that comes with it. Del Rey totally nails the look with this cute, slightly oversized, off-the-shoulder Mickey Mouse tee. 

(Embed: Controversy)

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Retro Glam

Before Taylor Swift ushered in the matching crop top/high-waisted bottom trend that seemed unavoidable this summer, Lana Del Rey was rocking it on the 'net. Trust.

(Embed: FuckYeahLanaDelRey)

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Self-Deprecating Introspection

Lana is a total pro at romanticizing self-deprecation and that's totally inherent in her banger "Ride." She sings "Because I was born to be the other woman / Who belonged to no one, who belonged to everyone / Who had nothing, who wanted everything." Oh, LDR.


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