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6 Life Lessons Learned at a One Direction Concert

Seeing the biggest boy band in the world is an unrivaled experience. Here are our main takeaways from this lesson in humanity and joy

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Complete bliss

It can be hard to remind yourself to have fun every once in a while. One Direction gigs are a lesson in hedonism: You're here to scream and sing and cry yourself into oblivion. You'll be deaf and mute the next day, but it always (and we mean always) proves to be worth it.

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It's okay to let your hair down every once in a while

Continuing on in the theme of enthusiasm and passion: In order to get the full One Direction experience, you have to let yourself have the full One Direction experience. Let you hair down. Take off that too cool for school leather jacket. The only person you're here to impress is your own heart.

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There is nothing more important than the well-being of young girls

The power of 1D comes from their loyal, loving and at times, militant fanbase of mostly young girls. Here, they are queen: Being a teenage girl is being a person of derision...you're sexualized as frequently as you're marginalized. You're seen as lesser in this bullshit patriarchal world, and for a glorious two hour period, One Direction will allow you to forget that.

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Except remembering to enjoy your family

Moms and dads are the unsung heroes of a 1D gig, bringing their daughters to what could be their first show ever and truly bonding with them. Even if the shrieks are piercing and the music isn't their fave, they'll leave with the tightest hugs from their babies. That's gotta be the best feeling in the world.

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Youth is something to be embraced and protected

You're only young once, right? One Direction concerts refuse to let you forget that. Make the most of your life while it's happening. There are no regrets here, because you can't afford to be sad. 

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Life it too short to not go deaf

1D shows are probably the loudest places on earth (jet engines could never rival the power of tens of thousands of girls.) It's jarring at first, but enjoyable: You'll find yourself screaming at a close up of Harry Styles' boot, because you have to. How else will he know of your love?

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