September 1, 2015


'Mean Girls' Candy Is Officially Here


You might want to lose three pounds, but that's going to be tough once you learn about a few new treats that just hit stores.

Famous New York confectionery Dylan's Candy Bar has rolled out a new line of sweets based around the beloved Lindsay Lohan film Mean Girls. Available today, 15 new items are available to devour and while they aren't a cake filled with rainbows and smiles, they do look pretty delicious. 

Some of the film's catch phrases are incorporated into their names like the "Is Butter a Carb?" popcorn-flavored jelly beans"Burn Book" Cookies, and even a "You Go Glen Coco" pink hot chocolate mix.

They even bring to life some of the movie's fake foods, like Kälteen bars—you know, those "weird Swedish nutrition bars" that Cady's mom gave to kids in Africa to help them gain weight—which is now a crispy peanut butter bar.

Best of all, there's the "Mean," "Meaner" and "Meanest" chocolate bars inspired by, respectively, Karen, Gretchen and Regina—The Plastics themselves. Good luck deciding a favorite: Karen's is made of milk chocolate and Gretchen's is cookies and cream, while Queen B Regina's is dark chocolate. (No Lindsay Lohan-inspired bar though, WTF?)

All items retail between $3.25 and $32 and are available online now.