September 16, 2015


Here's Your Chance to Buy Beer with Metallica's Name on It

Budweiser Canada (via Le Journal de Quebec)
Budweiser Canada (via Le Journal de Quebec)

And now, a beer to take with you wherever you may foam.

Metallica and Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser brand are teaming up for limited-edition cans of the brew—just short of 100,000 will be produced in all. The cans resemble the band's stormy Ride the Lightning album cover and are all black, with the words "Édition Limitée" plastered below the Budweiser and Metallica logos.

Why the French? Because the 91,000 cans produced will only be available in Québec, Canada, come September 28, Exclaim reports. The team-up is meant to commemorate the metal legends' pair of shows in the city on September 14 and 16 as the city's Colisée Pepsi closes and its new Centre Videotron debuts.

Sorry, rest of the world. Guess this one's just in the eye of the beerholder. *dodges crumpled beer cans* You can also catch a "Master of Puppets"-featuring trailer for the Metallica beer below: