September 14, 2015


'Minions' Is the Second Biggest Animated Movie of All Time

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images
Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

When Minions debuted, it reeled in $115 million domestically in its first weekend. That's a bonkers number for any movie of any genre. "Internationally, the film rolled out in 30 additional territories (it was already in 26) and made $124.3M," Box Office Mojo reported at the time, "rolling up into an international total of $280.5M and a worldwide total of $395.7M."

Since the July release, these little yellow dudes have earned $1.08 billion worldwide. According to Entertainment Weekly, that makes it the 15th biggest movie ever and the second biggest animated movie ever. Not bad.

The film is second only to Frozen, which earned $1.27 billion globally. It passed Toy Story 3, which topped out at $1.06 billion. Good work, little guys!

While you chew that one over, watch metal bands (like Linkin Park!) get an animated makeover. If only these YouTube clips could earn the same kind of dough.