September 10, 2015


Middle Finger and Burrito Emojis Are On The Way!


It's that time emojis are on the way! The development of different skin tones and flags from all over the world was incredible, but we cell phone users won't rest until all of our demands are met.

Today, we're getting closer to contentment. A slew of new characters have been announced, including A BURRITO AND A MIDDLE FINGER!

Imagine getting in a fight with a friend. They're texting you novel-length messages and you just want them to STFU. What do you do? BAM! Middle finger emoji and the conversation ends. Imagine making up with that friend at a Chipotle the next day. How do you tell your other BFF about the event? BAM! Burrito emoji.

You can check out all the other images that will become available very, very soon here. Then flip through our list of artists poised to break out later this year, right in tandem with these emojis.