September 17, 2015


This New Barbie Has Opinions on Taylor Swift, My Bloody Valentine


Since when did Barbie get, like, cool? The latest in the iconic doll line is Hello Barbie, a badass babe that rocks tight black jeans, a shimmery, silver jacket and an even meaner smile. And ur lady in plastic now has a ridiculously rad feature: She can talk!

No, Barbie isn't going all Tyra Banks-in-Life Size just yet, but you can download an app, plug her into your smartphone and hold a conversation.

The coolest part? Barbie will talk about music with you, and boy, does she have opinions. If you ask her about Taylor Swift she'll respond with, "She’s one of my super favorites right now!” As for shoegaze heroes My Bloody Valentine, she'll retort, "They are so emo." Methinks she may have the Irish band mistaken for the Good Charlotte song of the same name. 

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