September 30, 2015


Rage Against the Machine Bassist Regrets Spawning Limp Bizkit

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Limp Bizkit, according to Rolling Stone, have covered Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" upwards of 100 times. A 2014 New York City show included remarks by Fred Durst about Rage being "the rap-rock band that started this shit," talking about how the song lit a life-changing creative fire within him that

Now the mag has chatted with Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford, and...well, here: 

"I do apologize for Limp Bizkit. I really do. I feel really bad that we inspired such bullshit. ... They're gone, though. That's the beautiful thing. There's only one left, and that's Rage, and as far as I'm concerned, we're the only one that matters."

While we wait for Fred Durst's guaranteed reaction—even if it's just a Commeford name-drop before screaming the lyric "I'm like a chainsaw, I'll skin your ass raw!" at a show—we can also ponder this beef's ancient origins. At the 2000 MTV VMAs, Commerford climbed dangerously high up a part of the stage setup to protest Limp Bizkit's Best Rock Video victory. He was jailed overnight for the move; that's how much he hates the Biz.

Rolling Stone has a longer Tim Commerford interview on the way. Can't wait to hear what he's got to say about Korn and Slipknot.