September 22, 2015


Rob Zombie and Mila Kunis Making a Horror-Comedy TV Series

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Admit it: You know you want to watch this. Rob Zombie and Mila Kunis are teaming up for a comedy horror series that, if it makes it to air, will appear on Starz.

According to Variety, Zombie will executive produce and direct the half-hour series, named Trapped, while Kunis will also executive produce via her Orchard Film Productions. Joey Slamon, who was part of the team behind the fourth season of Arrested Development, is writing.

The show is set to take place over one night as a wealthy family is attacked within its home by a cult. Which sounds very in line with Zombie's filmography. (Although he recently announced he's moving past horror with a Groucho Marx biopic.)

Though it's far from Zombie's first directing role, it would be the rocker's debut foray into directing multiple episodes of a TV series. He previously directed an episode of CSI: Miami in addition to a slew of films, among them the late 2000s Halloween remakes and The Devil's Rejects

A release date for Trapped has not been announced. If it's 2016, it could coincide with a new Zombie album, his sixth solo effort, which is tentatively planned for release next year.