September 24, 2015


Sia Debuts "Alive," New Single She Wrote With Adele

Update (9/24): It's here! "Alive," Sia's brand new single that was cowritten/originally intended for Adele, was posted Thursday morning. The track, also cowritten with Tobias Jesso Jr., features the Australian pop star's usual vocal acrobatics; just when you think she won't reach a higher note, she goes ahead and proves you wrong.

Update (9/23): Today the Australian pop-outsider Sia dropped a 15-second teaser of her Adele-themed masterpiece, "Alive." Just try to get that refrain of "I'm still breathing / I'm still breathing" out of your head. We wager you won't be able to.

Original Story (9/8): There's a lot going on in Sia's world, you better brace yourself! Her upcoming single, "Alive," drops September 26 and apparently was originally written for Adele. She explained to RTV Slovenija: "It’s about [Adele’s] life, so I now sing a song from [Adele’s] perspective."

Weird, right? It makes sense when considering her upcoming album's theme: This Is Acting includes a handful of songs written for other people, something Sia described to the NME as "play-acting."

That's not the only interesting thing happening with our favorite Australian pop powerhouse: The singer has apparently written a screenplay for her "Chandelier" dancing dynamo Maddie Ziegler, now aged 12. The young talent also starred in Sia's "Elastic Heart" and "Big Girls Cry."

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Sia about the upcoming film project:

"I was too embarrassed to tell anyone I wanted to make a movie, because I thought it would be seen as a vanity project, because I was a singer...And then last year after I made the 'Chandelier' video, I realized that I was pretty good at directing, so I felt a little bit braver."

Later admitting to her lack of screenwriting experience, she told the magazine, "First I paid a guy from a juice bar to help me write it, who had gone to film school, and it turned out it wasn’t quite right.” She then turned to children's book author Dalles Clayton for guidance.

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