Simple Plan are back, y'all! They blew our minds at one of the final dates of the 2015 Warped Tour, then again at the second annual Alternative Press Music Awards. A few weeks passed and they dropped "Boom" from their upcoming fifth full-length. It's pretty obvious that their love of pop melody and ear-worm hooks never left 'em. 

Today our fave Canadians have shared a new track (and a new sound!) in the life-affirming, "I Don't Want To Be Sad."

The song documents an emotion the guys know all too well: Depression (I mean, come on, who could forget "Perfect"?) "I Don't Want To Be Sad" carries on in that tradition but ends on a high note. Like all mood disorders, there's a way out.

Listen to it above, then revisit our exclusive interview with the guys from earlier this year.