September 21, 2015


Skillet Fry Up A Storm at The 2015 Food Truck & Rock Carnival

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

There are a handful of misnomers about Christian rock bands. The most unfortunate might be that it's only music for those practicing the religion, which limits the bands and their fans before they're even given a shot at any level of mainstream success. Skillet seem to be dedicated to putting on a good show for anyone who'll have them, and that's where their power originates.

Before hitting the stage at the first annual Food Truck & Rock Carnival, Skillet dimmed the lights and let the string section take over. It was something out of a horror scene, but weirdly comforting as well.

Most of the dialogue between sets was secular: Comments on feeling isolated, being exhausted, expressing no tolerance for violence in your life—these were brought into the forefront, and even the non-believers (of Skillet and their religion alike) found themselves cheering along. 

The only notable difference between this band and the others is that Skillet kept the language very PG. They weren't about to drop an F-bomb anytime soon, and the parents in the crowd looked grateful. So it goes.