September 2, 2015


Slipknot Made Three Haunted Houses to Ruin Your Fall/Life

Not sure how it took this long, but Slipknot is doing its own haunted house this autumn. Three of 'em, actually, called Slipknot's Scream Park. Watch the spine-tingling promotional clip above, where it's dubbed "the world's most outrageous haunted house event."

Anyone who's ever glimpsed a single one of Slipknot's gruesome masks (or music videos, or concerts—yyyyikes) will understand how much of a heart attack risk this event will be.

Based in Sacramento, the Scream Park is billed as being "produced by Slipknot." It will be open for 20 nights between October 2 and November 1. "We have three absolutely sickening haunted houses," Clown says in a second ad, below. "Let's get scared this October, the Slipknot way."

Get your tickets for Scream Park here.