September 10, 2015


Are You Cooler Than Your Friends? Spotify Will Let You Know


Yesterday, the music streaming giant Spotify instituted a new tool called Found Them First. Listeners can use it to track which artists they were jamming to before said artists exploded, making this is the ultimate in music snobbery. Get ready to yell "firsties!"

You can try it out by clicking here. The page scours the entirety of your listening history (let's also hope you were an early Spotify adopter) to figure out if you were one of the cool cat trendsetters to listen to someone before they broke out.

How does Spotify determine a "break out" artist, you ask? The Verge reports it's any act that's "accumulated more than 20 million total streams as well as a growth rate of at least 2,000 percent between January 2013 and June this year." Got it? Good.

Try it out, then make sure to click through our most-anticipated albums of fall 2015. Who knows? You might become an early adopter of one of our breakout artists for this autumn, too.