September 25, 2015


All Six 'Star Wars' Soundtracks Getting Deluxe Vinyl Release

Sony Classical/Lucasfilm Ltd./Walt Disney Pictures
Sony Classical/Lucasfilm Ltd./Walt Disney Pictures

May the lacquer be with you: Star Wars is coming to vinyl.

Shortly following the release of the Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens in December, Sony Classical will reissue the original soundtracks on vinyl and with deluxe, bonus content, Indiewire reports.

We're talking three different versions total: Star Wars: The Ultimate Vinyl Collection, which is simply the first six episodes' soundtracks on vinyl; Star Wars: The Ultimate Soundtrack Edition, accompanied by a bonus CD of audio interviews with Harrison Ford and John Williams plus a DVD of Star Wars: A Musical Journey; and Star Wars: The Ultimate Digital Collection, with the original soundtracks available for digital download.

Yeah. The word "ultimate" is getting thrown around a lot here, so you know it's big.

The new collections will debut January 8, 2016.