September 14, 2015


Tidal Is Now Selling Prince's New Album Instead of Just Streaming It

NPG Records
NPG Records

Prince's HitNRun Phase One saw its Tidal-only, streaming-only release a week ago. Now a press release from Jay Z's streaming service announces that the Purple One's third album in a year is available for purchase "as part of Tidal's mission to support artists and allow them to share music in any form for fans."

Head here to purchase the album. With shipping, the physical CD comes up to the only-superfans-need-apply total of $25.58. A hi-fi FLAC audio download comes up to $17.99 (or $2.98 for individual songs); a good old MP3 copy costs $9.99, with single songs for $1.29. It appears the album is also available on Amazon in digital and physical form.

"A Tidal spokesperson confirmed that this is the first time the service has opened its doors to non-subscriber purchases of an artist's music," the Verge reports. Tidal's link to purchase HitNRun Phase One is, but there's nothing over at the general link of

Engadget has more to add:

"It's not clear whether other artists are free to sell CDs, and whether or not we can expect to see similar moves in the future. We've reached out to Tidal for details. However, it's safe to say that CD sales are going to be the exceptions, rather than the rule."

Prince currently has four songs available on iTunes. A plethora of hold-'em-in-your-hands CDs are on Amazon.