September 21, 2015


Wisconsin Venue Bans Metalcore

Anna Webber/Getty Images for SiriusXM
Anna Webber/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Bad news for metalcore fans based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An all-ages venue by the name of Borg Ward is pretty serious about banning metalcore shows.

Apparently the last few shows of the genre haven't gone over well: Kids have kicked holes in the walls and failed to follow basic rules and regulations. Bummer!

Connor Patrick Norton of the venue wrote on Facebook:

"No more metalcore shows at the Borg Ward. I warned you assholes about kicking holes in my walls. Good luck finding another all ages venue that will put up with your destructive, childish fan base. Between the amount of money we have to put into fixing the venue and the fact that we get tossed peanuts for these show, it is no longer financially feasible. We're tired of losing our asses and wasting our time constantly fixing what every other scene who books here manages to not fuck up. We're sick of people not following simple directions, like not blocking exit doors with equipment and not loitering in the front. We are not going to further stress ourselves out for your scene while you continuously demolish our building."

Yikes! This doesn't mean you can't listen to metalcore, though. Check out our list of the best lyrics on Bring Me the Horizon's latest album, That's the Spirit.