October 29, 2015


Will Adele's '25' Make Way More Than 1 Million First-Week Sales?

Neil Mockford/Getty Images
Neil Mockford/Getty Images

In just six days, we've all been hit by the "Hello" wave. Adele's comeback is a phenomenon felt around the world, and her supernatural ability to propel stacks of songs into iTunes libraries and onto shelves and playlists remains perfectly established.

So, 25, her first record since 2011's 21. November 20. This thing's gonna do great, right? Right! Take it away, Billboard:

"...industry projections for 25's first-week sales range between 1.3 and 1.8 ­million, which means it could claim another title: the biggest debut week for a female in the Nielsen era (1991 to the present), beating previous record-holder Britney Spears, whose Oops!... I Did It Again bowed with 1.32 million in May 2000."

The most recent album to break the million-mark in a single week was Taylor Swift's 1989, which sold 1.29 million copies after its debut in November 2014. We might not be playing with such low (for the Adeles and Taylors of the world) numbers, though. As an anonymous music merchandiser tells Billboard, "Will Adele hit 1 ­million? A more ­realistic ­question is will it hit 2 million?"

Now we're talking. And how long till we start figuring out the odds of Adele beating the 15-year-old record set by N Sync with No Strings Attached? That one did 2.4 million. Two. Point. Four! Those TRL kids worked wonders.

And while we're here: "Hello" just became the fastest Vevo video to pass 1 million views. It took her five days.