October 23, 2015


Remember When Adele Said She Flashed a Bus Stop Full of People?

"Hello," said Adele. "It's me." And just like that, the entire world was slayed by the British singer's comeback single. "Hello" went straight to No. 1 on iTunes in 85 countries and appears primed to be the biggest song in the country.

In honor of "Hello" day, it's appropriate that our #FlashbackFriday be focused on Adelegend herself... but not her music, per se, but her incredible sense of self-deprecating humor. Return to Adele's best interview ever, on a 2011 appearance on The Graham Norton Show, where she recounted the time she accidentally flashed an entire bus stop full of people. 

The diva begins her story saying how "I'd woken up and had a really embarrassing encounter with someone" before getting into what Norton described as a "wardrobe malfunction."

"I left the house to buy some milk and stuff like that. It was a hot day, I had this weird, dress-poncho-thing on that had no arms and was only on me around my neck....then a gust of wind come and I was literally hula-hopping my dress around my neck butt naked."

Like a champ, Adele reflects on the story saying, "They all laughed, but I had no one to laugh with!" before admitting "I'm getting a little bit sweaty talking about it." 

The best part though? When Adele admits the crowd didn't recognize her, but says "they will now" after discussing the matter on live television. Adele, never change.