October 19, 2015


Big Freedia Goes Deep on New Tour, Album & Gun Violence in America

Josh Brasted/Getty Images
Josh Brasted/Getty Images

In the midst of the successful season 4 launch of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce and releasing her memoir God Save the Queen Diva!Big Freedia has been preparing for her next U.S. tour, which is set to be her biggest live affair yet. 

The NOLA icon's 2015 Bounce Shakedown Tour kicks off tomorrow (Oct. 20), and Fuse has the exclusive sneak peek straight from the Queen Diva's mouth. Read on for everything you need to know about the tour, plus details on the new album, new season and much more. 

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What's different on the Bounce Shakedown Tour compared to the Just Be Free tour?

Of course we're going to keep stepping it up each time to a different notch. I'll be implicating some new music from the new album, some new moves, a little more drama—some more flavor in the funk. We're going to have a good time. We just really prepared for the tour with some basic things and we're going to have a good time, let our craft do what it do and just really enjoy what we do.

What kind of new moves will we be seeing? 

Some new shakedown moves in the choreography—just some new funky stuff.

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Visually, I feel like you've been really stepping it up too. Your Voodoo 2014 performance comes to mind, with the big costumes. Are you going to continue that for this tour?

Oh yeah, definitely. We're always trying to step it up visually. It's just really complicated with what we do, with shaking so much, to have a lot of clothes on—so it's better to be half naked, you know? Just so the body can move and you can see the moves. But we're always trying to step it up with costumes. 

Do any cities specifically stick out from the last tour? 

The D.C. show was really phenomenal and really special. It fell on my mom's birthday. Just the energy and the love in the room was unbelievable. The performance, I mean, just everything from that whole day was just so emotional and so touching. From that morning to the next morning, it was just unbelievable. There was nothing that could replace D.C. on the tour last time.

What new songs will you be performing on tour?

My new single "Crazy" is out, off the new album. I'll be implicating a few new songs off the album, three or four of them throughout. You'll definitely get a sneak peek at the new album.

And what was the vision for the new album? Just Be Free was such a landmark for your career. Where do you go next? 

Just the next wave and next feel of things that I was feeling. The music comes from the heart, so it was just things that I was feeling, that I was going through, the vibes that I was feeling. 

I think it's going to be a really interesting album. I keep on trying to step the music up to different levels and reach different audiences, so it's going to be a little more versatile than the Just Be Free album.

How exactly do you plan to reach new audiences?

That's the whole thing of making music: it's trying to make new sounds and to put a different twist on it. Every time you make a new song, you try to create something that you haven't created.

You've been teasing some big-name collaborations for a while, like Diplo. We also saw you worked with Missy Elliott. What's the status of these collaborations?

The Diplo track is out, it's called "Drop." That has hit. There's some things that are about to hit really, really soon with some new videos and all. So get ready for the juice. 

We saw you worked with Lazerdisk on the show. Fans love that remix of "Old Lady" you guys put together. Have you gotten back together in the studio again?

Not since "Old Lady." We had another track we were working on, but it hasn't come out yet. But it'll be on my album. 

We need to talk about the new season of Big Freedia. The ratings show that fans are loving it, but what are you most excited for them to see?

Me trying to continue to build a relationship with my dad. You know, that's something really touching and really special. The making of the book and the relationship ups and downs, letting my dancers show some of their everyday-life situations and what they go through. [There are] a lot of interesting points in this season that I love, and that are going to get people really interested in the season.

Speaking of those relationship ups and downs, we've noticed you've been somewhat changing your tune about the status of your relationship on Twitter. What's the latest?

Right now, I'm so focused on all the things that I have in front of me. We're getting ready for the tour [sighs] and all of that is floating through my mind right now, with the dating, but in due time hopefully I'll get a chance to go out on a lovely date and meet somebody who's on my level.

We recently saw you perform at a gun buy-back block party in New Orleans and I know the issue of gun violence is important to you. Do you have any thoughts or prayers you wanted to send into the world with our country going through such a rough time?

Definitely a lot of the stuff has been nonsense that people have tried to make out of it: "What are people thinking?" "Why are people doing this?" It's hard, because you never know what people are going through in their lives. I just pray for the best for people, and for the people that even do these crimes, because like I said, we don't know what they're going through in their everyday lives that makes that switch click in wanting to hurt another human or individual. My heart goes out to those families and all those people that have to go through all of those things with shooting at schools, racism, police brutality, all of that. 

I just hope that people can start to see we definitely need change. We need hope and we need a lot of prayer. A lot of people are on the edge, and any little thing will make them flip out. You know, it's a one-day-at-a-time situation that we got to take step-by-step, and pray for the best for the people and the people creating these issues.

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