October 6, 2015


7 Book Franchises We'd Like to See Gender-Swapped

#1'Harry Potter'

While on Good Morning America early Tuesday, October 6, Twilight author Stephanie Meyer announced that she revisited her franchise, rewriting the thing with genders swapped: Bella Swan becomes Beau and Edward Cullen becomes Edythe. It got us thinking...what if other series were given the same treatment?

If we could flip the script for any massive franchise, it would almost definitely be Harry Potter. The benefits are limitless. The "chosen" one would be female...think of the greater cultural significance of those few words! Ron Weasley would be a beloved BFF a la Miranda Sanchez in Lizzie McGuire and Hermione Granger would be Gordo. What if female Harry Potter is literally Lizzie with magic? Sign us up!

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