October 26, 2015


Chance the Rapper and Stephen Colbert Are Dropping a Song Tonight

Getty Images
Getty Images

Late Sunday night, Chance the Rapper made an especially special announcement. Tonight—Monday, October 26—he's premiering a song on Late Show With Stephen Colbert. And it's a collaboration with Colbert.

Chance hyped the track on New York's Hot 97 last week, telling Ebro and Laura Stylez, “Me and Stephen Colbert have been working on a song together, and it’s gonna released very soon. He’s amazing. I can’t get that deep into it, but he’s amazing."

Colbert, meanwhile, hit up the Chicago kid on Twitter to let him know he's been digging the Acid Rap staple "Smoke Again":

We're almost alright with him not going into more detail, 'cause now we've got all day to wonder what the hell this thing'll sound like. Based on the roll Chancellor has been on lately—making his own beautiful interpretation of Kanye West's "Family Business," becoming a dad—it'll be great, even if it's some jokey thing.

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