October 29, 2015


Complete Guide to 5 Seconds of Summer's New Broken Scene Derp Con Event

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images


The New Broken Scene is a phrase taken from the chorus of the first Sounds Good Feels Good single, "She's Kinda Hot." (If you're reading this you probably already knew that, so, sorry.) Last year 5 Seconds of Summer held a fan convention called "Derp Con" in Los Angeles, this year it looks like they're doing something similar in Atlanta, Georgia. Fans from around the world are heading to the Southern city for what we're sure is going to be a great day.


Atlanta! As it stands, everything is top secret (we can only imagine the lucky winners know more than we do, but not much more.) Last year, tour buses picked up fans outside the Andaz Hotel in Los Angeles, taking them to a undisclosed location for a day of fun activities. They even got to meet the boys. If you're a winner, you know exactly where and when to be on Saturday morning, Halloween! The rest will fall into place.


The unexpected! We know it sounds cheesy but fans literally have no idea what they're in for. Just make sure you're well rested and ready to go up and early!


This is the only place we can really help you out, so get prepared. If it's anything like last year, you'll want to pack the following.

Backpack: You don't know what surprises are in store with you! A lot of 5SOS events have left kids with exclusive artwork, you wouldn't want to forget or drop that thing somewhere, would you?

Water: Hello! Derp Con 2.0 might not be a festival, but it definitely takes up the larger part of a day. You'll want to stay hydrated.

Back-up cell phone battery: There's a possibility they will tell you not to take photos / post to the internet while the event is underway, but you'll probably need this afterwards. At the very least, it's never a bad idea to have this with you, like, at all times.

Cell phone: See above.

Extra bobby pins/hair ties: This isn't a necessity, but someone will probably want one and you'll be the prepared friend.

Notebook/notepad: In case your cell phone isn't cooperating. You're probably going to make some lifelong friends from all over the world, make sure you don't lose touch!

That's about it for now! Stay tuned to Fuse for the latest on 5 Seconds of Summer's New Broken Scene Derp Con event.