October 26, 2015


Future Announces 'Monster 2' Mixtape

Prince Williams/WireImage
Prince Williams/WireImage

Last Halloween, Future scared the shit out of us with his Monster mixtape. Mostly, the cover art did that, but the 50-minute collection also terrified us with how masterfully it swerved away from the all-comers-welcome sound of Honest. That major label sophomore drop debuted at No. 2 and featured everyone from Drake to Pharrell to André 3000 to Wiz Khalifa and Kanye. Six months later, separated from Ciara, his fiancé and the mother of his son, Future dropped Monster, an insular, grimy mixtape of bleak bangers.

Now we've got a sequel on the way. Yes—in the same year he dropped Dirty Sprite 2, Beast Mode, 56 Nights and the Drake co-headlining What a Time to Be Alive, Future's teasing another release. Is this a good time to mention that he's also been hyping a Mike WiLL Made-It team-up tape called Ape Shit? And a sequel to Beast Mode, which, like the first one, will be a joint effort with Atlanta producer Zaytoven?

One thing it's definitely the right time to bring up: Monster birthed "Fuck Up Some Commas," which, a year later, is still a smash. (It made its way onto DS2 as the closer.)

The potential new king of rap announced the news with an Instagram post of himself in a parking lot, hood obscuring his eyes, caps lock captioned "MONSTER 2." Future also tweeted on Friday that he's ready to drop something new. Are we dumb to hope this thing drops by or during Halloweekend? Which is less than a week away?