October 20, 2015


10 TV Shows Worth Reviving

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The news that Netflix is planning to revive Gilmore Girls with its original cast and creator was met with jubilant cries across the Internet from GG fans… as well as cries of “Hey, what about my favorite show?” from many others. With recent resurrections of shows like Full House, Arrested Development and Coach (well, almost for that last one), TV fans have more hope than ever that their long-cancelled shows come back for seconds. But which ones do we really want to see?

Check out the Fuse staff’s wish list of recent television shows worth a reboot, on Netflix or otherwise!

#1The O.C.

Essentially the show that defined the mid-‘00s generation, a reboot of The O.C. could focus on what happens to Ryan, Seth and Summer as adults (no Marissa because she's dead, sorry Mischa Barton). Fans loved Seth and Summer's unexpectedly adorable relationship, and watching them as adults (or maybe parents!?) would keep us glued to Netflix. Plus, seeing what Sandy and Kirsten Cohen — or, of course, the sinster Julie Cooper — are dealing with today could be brilliantly done, too. - Jeff Benjamin

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