October 20, 2015


Gwen Stefani Drops Emotional "Used to Love You" Video, Talks New Album

Over the weekend, Gwen Stefani gave the surprise live premiere of her new breakup track "Used to Love You," which is almost certainly about her divorce to Gavin Rossdale. Now, we have an emotional video to accompany the track, along with new info about the No Doubt singer's upcoming third solo album.

The minimal visual is a one-take shot of Gwen mostly reacting to her lyrics ("You thought there were no boundaries, but you just pushed me too far / I guess nobody taught you how to love") and singing a few choice words. Gwen moves from being on the verge of tears to smirking at the camera during the bridge, "You know I was the best thing that ever happened to you / Oh, now look at what you lost."

"Used to Love You" is the first taste of Stefani's long-delayed solo LP, her first since 2006's The Sweet Escape. After dropping "Baby Don't Lie" and "Spark the Fire" late last year, the singer told Entertainment Weekly she scrapped the initial project and has an entirely new set of music after the past tracks "didn't feel right":

"I didn’t feel fulfilled. That record ["Baby Don't Lie"] with Benny [Blanco was done that way because I had just given birth and had just started on The Voice and felt like I should do something in music, but what was I going to do? There wasn't enough time. So I tried to make a record where I was just kind of involved—which is how a lot of people do it, but it didn’t work for me."

Gwen says her new batch of songs, including "Used to Love You," is "really natural—they’re from not worrying about what happened or what’s going to happen but about living in the moment, from trying to be present and trying to feel."

While there isn't a date tied to a new Gwen record, one can expect topics like her new one-year-old and pending divorce with Rossdale.