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Halloween Party Playlist: 25 Perfectly Spooky Pop Songs

Your friends are over "Monster Mash"! Eerie tracks by the Weeknd, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and more will literally give them them chills

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Rihanna, "Mad House"

If you're looking for a freaky-fresh soundtrack this year—emphasis on fresh—check out 20 eerie songs by RihannaKanye WestChristina AguileraLana Del ReyThe Weeknd and more. Demonically-dissonant chords? Check. Maddening screams? Yep. Isn't freaking our friends out the best part of Halloween? Most definitely.

The bone-chilling intro track to Rihanna's Rated R album, the mix of creepy organs and grinding dubstep will put any partygoer in a trance.

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The Weeknd, "High for This"

One of The Weeknd's earlier cuts, "High for This" will give your party an additional psychedelic feel.

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Azealia Banks, "Yung Rapunxel"

An aggro-electro rap track complete with an all-screaming chorus by pop's angriest artists? Terrifying, indeed.

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Cashmere Cat, Sophie & MØ, "9 (After Coachella)"

MØ's ominous croons mixed with the producer's pulsating, percolating beat drops creates a somber, haunting mood.

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Melanie Martinez, "Carousel"

There's a circus theme to Melanie Martinez's breakout single and you won't be able to shake off the feeling that an evil clown is about to sneak up behind you while watching.

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Charli XCX & ABRA, "Drugs"

Charli and ABRA's warbly delivery added with pounding, dissonant synthesizers make for a seriously creepy pop track. Listen up for that wolves howl at the end.

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Lorde, "Yellow Flicker Beat"

"Yellow Flicker Beat" opens with the dark Lorde eerily humming, and the sound becomes the centerpiece to the Hunger Games soundtrack song. The dissonnant harmonies on the chorus add to its Halloween-ness, but "Yellow Flicker Beat" can still get partygoers groovin'.

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Lykke Li, "Jerome"

The Swedish songbird's plead to a lover could double as a ghost haunting an ex. Lots of Lykke Li tracks work for a Halloween playlist, but we especially recommend this track.

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Kanye West, "Black Skinhead"

Kanye's intense single is filled with manic screams that perfectly paint Yeezus as the twisted genius he is.

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Lana Del Rey, "Once Upon a Dream (Remix)"

The chanteuse's take on the Sleeping Beauty classic sounds more like Maleficent sang it instead of Princess Aurora. If the original is too dreamy for a party, we suggest this official remix, which has a few additional trippy elements.

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Kavinsky, "Nightcall"

This creepy track has become linked with the Ryan Gosling-starring Drive movie, but it will be the undeniable superstar of any Halloween party playlist.

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Florence + The Machine, "Seven Devils"

The bewitching Florence Welch belting about demons: What part of this doesn't scream Halloween?

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Banks, "Brain"

Banks has essentially positioned herself as pop's resident witch, and "Brain" is probably her spookiest offering.

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Jidenna, "A Bull's Tale"

The opening track to Jidenna's ambitious The Chief album is a chilling, chant-inspired recount of visiting Nigeria for the burial of his father.

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Tinashe, "Soul Glitch"

Tinashe's icy vocals mixed with dark, electro-R&B productions makes for one hauntingly great track.

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Natalia Kills, "Zombie"

A punchy pop track about being in love with a zombie, by one of pop's most outlandish divas? It doesn't get more perfect than this one.  

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Grimes, "Go"

Grimes' EDM track is centered around an unforgiving, trippy beat that sounds like it was created by a monster DJ. If you're cool enough to have a video screen at your Halloween party, please play its accompanying music video—Grimes piggybacking on a masked ghoul is too good not to play on All Hallows' Eve.

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Little Dragon, "Nightlight"

The chords and Yukimi Nagano's slurred delivery give this track a creepy feel and will get your party playlist some indie cred. 

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Ladytron, "Destroy Everything You Touch"

One of the staples of a Ladytron song is Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo's somewhat-creepy vocal stylings, and this racing industrial-synth track has an especially chilling feel to it.

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Christina Aguilera, "Enter the Circus"

This obscure interlude on Xtina's 2006 Back to Basics album has a creepy carnival sound to it, and is an interesting commentary on fame. 

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Roisin Murphy, "Ramalama (Bang Bang)"

Whether or not you know Roison Murphy, the zombie-like chant and funeral march-like beat reverberating throughout this song makes it a must-have on your Halloween playlist.

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Gotye, "State of the Art"

Remember Gotye? "Somebody That I Used to Know" may have overshadowed the rest of his career, but he has a totally freaky tune on his breakout LP, Making Mirrors. The Aussie singer's voice is pitched down for a wonky take on his signature minimal sound. 

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Goldfrapp, "Voicething"

A sonically bizarre synth track featuring a chorus of odd hums, breaths, chirps and mumbles by the Goldfrapp duo, "Voicething" will throw your party guests off for a few minutes, and you want to keep your friends on their toes on Halloween.

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Grimes & Aristophanes, "Scream"

A rough-edged, rock-pop track centered around screaming? Count us in.

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Madonna, "Gang Bang"

This Madonna fan favorite is a dark, twisting dance track complete with sinister laughs, gun shots and a monologue where Madonna screams "Die bitch!," among other profanities.

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