October 7, 2015


Iggy Azalea Names Her New Album, Shares Details

Mark Horton/WireImage
Mark Horton/WireImage

The second LP from Iggy Azalea's got a title, a phrase she's tweeted twice without elaboration in the last month: Digital Distortion. Well, the first time, on September 6, was just the two words. On September 18, it was "Hate to say i told you so...  another case of #DigitalDistortion."

The info came on Tuesday night as Iggy spent a while tweeting back and forth with curious fans. And the title wasn't all we learned.

Also revealed:

  • The lead single's coming within the next few weeks, as well as a "buzz track" called "Zillion." (Or maybe "A Zillion" or "Azillion," which would be a great play on her surname.)
  • So far it's just Iggy rapping on Digital Distortion, though she's about to start seeking out features. 
  • She'll tour the album. 
  • She's booked a big upcoming performance. 
  • She and Selena Gomez did an unreleased track called "Girl Crush."

Stay tuned. If we got all those details in one night, who knows what's next.