Kanye West on Soundcloud

Kanye West, never one to play blind to cool things, is now on Soundcloud. Neither of his first two songs are likely candidates for his still-missing-in-action album Swish, but they're both eminently re-listenable jams on their own terms.

The first is an Auto-Tuned, freestyle-feeling take on the Weeknd's "Tell Your Friends," the Beauty Behind the Madness cut Kanye produced and contributed, yes, Auto-Tuned unintelligible vocals to. Drake recently did his own (similarly brief) spin on the track.

The second track is a seven-years-later update of the opening to 808s & Heartbreak, "Say You Will." It's a collaboration with Caroline Shaw, the composer, violinist and singer who, at 30, became the youngest musical Pulitzer Prize winner ever with her Partita for 8 Voices. 

The new "Say You Will" has orchestral moments so big they'd make My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy blush, a murmuring, ethereal vocal backbone, virtuoso light-touch violin and an Auto-Tuned outro like the vibe-y digressions Yeezy's now famous for, only served with a completely different flavor:

"Say You Will" is a timely redux, with Kanye having just performed two complete 808s & Heartbreak concerts in L.A. For more 'Ye curiosities while you await news about Swish and/or that 2020 presidential run, listen to and/or download Yeezer, a Weezer/Yeezy mashup.