October 27, 2015


Katy Perry Went To Olive Garden On Her Birthday

Katy Perry (@katyperry on Instagram)
Katy Perry (@katyperry on Instagram)

Sunday marked Katy Perry's 31st birthday. The pop powerhouse is going to look great forever and her legacy is already set in stone: Age truly ain't nothin' but a number for her...but something that actually matters are birthdays, and how you choose to celebrate.

When you're one of the biggest celebrities in the entire world, what do you do to glorify your own existence? You go to the perfect American Italian food chain Olive Garden, of course! It's like, have you even had those bread sticks?

Perry posted a photo with her crew at the OG on Instagram and captioned it, "When you could go anywhere for your bday dinner but you're so OG that you go to OG with all your OG's. 📷 by @ronyalwin #thosebreadstickstho."

Those breadsticks, indeed. Do you love Katy's Prism? Check out our list of 53 other songs you'll love.