October 6, 2015


Korn's 20th Anniversary, Whole-Debut-Album Tour by the Numbers

#1The Prelude

This October, Korn are celebrating the LP that started it all. Here's our statistical breakdown of the tour, as determined at the New York City date.

Release date of Korn's self-titled debut album: 10/11/94
Making this not actually the 20th anniversary but the: 21st
Copies sold: 10 million+
Runtime: 65:51
Tracks: 12
Length of final song, "Daddy," with extended Jonathan Davis meltdown outro followed by silence and secret skit: 17 minutes, 31 seconds
Scheduled 2015 tour dates performing album in full: 21
Range of dates: 10/1/15 - 10/30/15
Total Korn albums: 11 
Years since last full-length: 2 (2013's The Paradigm Shift)

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