October 2, 2015


Naughty Boy Talks Former Friendship With Zayn Malik

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It's been about six months since Zayn Malik announced his departure from One Direction. In that time, he's broken off his engagement to former fiancé Perrie Edwards of girl group Little Mix, dropped a few jams here and there, signed a record deal with RCA and got into a very public dispute with ex-BFF Naughty Boy.

In a new interview with UK pub the Guardian, NB spoke about his new track with Beyoncé and what's on the horizon...but also about Malik and just what went wrong between the two.

Naughty Boy explains:

"With Zayn, it was different because we were genuinely best friends doing the best friend thing. You won’t see me do that with anyone else. I don’t Instagram or tweet pictures when people come here for sessions, I think it was genuinely an exciting time—for him as well...Initially, I think it was because we’re both from working-class Pakistani communities and were both thrown into this business. His [success was] more instant than mine, and on a different scale, obviously. But understanding that this place isn’t real, and connecting. Probably it was also a need to make a real friend in this business for both of us. Like someone real, from home.”

He says he hopes the pair will make up because "the friendship was real." Does he miss the ex–boy band babe?

"I did, for a bit, not gonna lie. I was literally always at his house or here. You know what, the thing is, even when you become close with someone, you question everything as well. That this is a business, so the band splitting up and him leaving, it’s an economy. Our friendship was genuine, 100 percent. But then you have other relationships with lawyers and labels etc. I don’t think we actually fell out over the lack of friendship or trust, I think it was external influences.”

Here's hoping they get together again! Need something to put a smile back on your face in the meantime? Flip through our list of the new class of English bands who are changing the music game.