October 28, 2015


Nintendo Unveiling Its First Smartphone Game


The future, the past, the present: They shall all finally, truly merge when Nintendo joins the smartphone video game market. That's about to happen, as Nintendo will reportedly unveil its first title on Friday.

(Please be Zelda. Please be Zelda! Or Metroid, or, OH—Animal Crossing! Harvest Moon? Bah, it'll never be Harvest Moon. Why can't it ever be Harvest Moon?!)

The Wall Street Journal writes that the announcement comes "a day after weaker-than-expected financial results underscored the company’s need to develop new business to support its struggling console operations."

The article is mostly focused on numbers and #business, but there's also word that Nintendo might discuss its next all-out video game console on Thursday as well. 

Earlier this year, Nintendo revealed it was ready to bring its famous characters (Mario, duh) to the smartphone gaming market, but that it would do so at its famously deliberate pace. The word at that point was to expect "approximately five titles" by March 2017. They're not planning to simply adapt previously existing games, saying instead "we aim to make each title a hit."