October 1, 2015


Russia Is in Love With '90s TV Sitcoms, Making Its Own 'Roseanne'

ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images
ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Guess what the longest running scripted series in Russia is? Nope; it's an adaptation of Everybody Loves Raymond called The Voronins, and it's in its eighth season. There've also been successful versions of The King of Queens, The Nanny and Married... with Children, so why not go a step further into the '90s sitcom vortex?

Roseanne is that next step. Sony Pictures Television is handing over the keys to Mother Russia, and it's bound to be a hit, no matter how crazy it sounds. 

Sony executive vice president of scripted programming and international production is quoted in Variety:

“Our adaptation of 'Roseanne' will resonate with Russian audiences because it is based in truth. The series will show a real working class family getting through each day, laughing at the trials and tribulations life sends their way and making the audience smile along with them."

How long till they adapt Nicki Minaj's new ABC Family series, though?