October 29, 2015


Video: Get to Know Those Two 'Simpsons'-Themed Metal Bands

We'll always remember 2015 as the year the we found out, in the span of a month, that there's not one but two (at least) Simpsons-themed metal bands out there. 

First across our radar was Okilly Dokilly, a Phoenix five-piece where everyone dresses up as Ned Flanders; the lyrics are largely pieces of Ned Flanders dialogue. Then came Dr. Colossus, a Melbourne, Australia two-piece dubbing itself "Simpsons doom rock." (Choice song: "Stupid Sexy Flanders.")

Now Consequence of Sound's Sami Jarroush has tracked down both bands for video interviews. "We didn't really make a strict rule about it or anything," says "Head Ned." "It is Ned-themed, but most of our songs, and as I'm writing more of them, are just straight Ned quotes." He guesses that the source material will last them quite a long time.

Dr. Colossus Guitarist and singer Dr. Jon told CoS his duo aims to be as universal as they can within their Simpsons framework. "Most recently we did a love song that's based from Smithers point of view to Burns," he says. "That's just an enduring love story; you could apply that anywhere."

Check out both interviews in the video above and keep an eye out for more Simpsons-shred.