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The Top 5 Sistar Songs, According to Sistar

Fuse got to meet one of K-pop's hottest acts and they personally recommended which songs new fans should check out. Watch to find out their picks plus which girl group is their biggest inspiration

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The best way to describe Sistar is to imagine four Katy Perrys placed together in a K-pop girl group. Every time the quartet releases a new song—whether together or for their solo projects—it goes straight to the top of the charts. With so many hits among them, no doubt it’s a little intimidating to find the best songs. 

Fuse was in Korea recently and got to sit down with Sistar to find out which songs they’d personally recommend to new fans. Find out the top picks from Dasom, Bora, Hyolyn and Soyou above, along with which U.S. girl group influenced them the most.

Watch above and be sure to click on to hear the song each member picked.

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Dasom: "Ma Boy"

"It's a song that everyone likes to listen to. It's a song that's most popular with our international audience as well. The song has a lovely melody and puts the listener in a good mood."

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Bora: "Don't Be Such a Baby"

"I like one of the songs in our most recent album, 'Don't Be Such a Baby.' I composed a very little part of that song, so I wanted to recommend it. We sang a little bit of that song during our comeback and it's a very cute and sweet song."

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Hyolyn: "I Swear"

"I think fans will really like the song 'I Swear.' Honestly, we had prepared it with a bit of a gospel feel, but after adding some beats and other factors, since it's a song we need to perform, we lost some of the original feeling we wanted to project. That part is regretful, but every time I listen to it, I feel it's a song with exceptional quality that won't lose its feeling even if its sung in different genres like R&B or acoustic."

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Soyou: "Alone" and "Loving U"

"It's so hard to choose... can I choose two songs? 'Alone' is a song that shows Sistar's healthy, sexy image. It's a song that appealed to listeners as it shows a more mature side of the group. The song and concept is very strong and remains in people's memories."

"I feel like 'Loving You' is one of Sistar's most representative songs. International fans feel really happy and uplifted listening to the song and, even listening to it now, it's a song that makes you feel good.  The music video and promotions for the song were so much fun and I think many people will enjoy it."


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