October 8, 2015


Taylor Swift Scores 'GQ' and 'NME' Cover Stories at the Same Damn Time

Jordan Hughes for NME; Michael Thompson for GQ
Jordan Hughes for NME; Michael Thompson for GQ

Conventional wisdom says Taylor Swift runs the pop world, if not the entire world, full stop. The big magazines understand this and are happy to express it in those exact terms. In less than 24 hours, GQ and NME have revealed cover stories with the singer currently traversing America and bringing wildly famous folks onstage to party/perform on a nightly basis.

NME's cover line? "Taylor Swift: Making World Domination Look Easy Since 1989." 

GQ's? "Taylor Swift Rules the World and We Are Her Loyal Subjects."

So far NME has only posted a snippet of its piece, one that deals with her awkward Twitter spat with Nicki Minaj in July, the one that got resolved with a dynamite duet at the 2015 VMAs:

"I don't want to talk about it. But I send text messages now. If there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding, I go to someone's management, I get their number and I text them. It's an important lesson for anyone to learn in 2015."

The GQ piece is written by pop culture powerhouse Chuck Klosterman and is being teased as Taylor "giving an intense, wide-ranging, Kanye West-inclusive interview while dodging the paparazzi and, at one point, taking a surprise call from one of the very few humans who’s as famous as she is." The profile will be available, either in full or in part, next week. NME's new issue comes out tomorrow, October 9.