October 28, 2015


'Transcendent' Cast Q&A: Xristina

Fuse Media Inc.
Fuse Media Inc.

Favorite musician/band or album ever?

Shout out to Fifth Harmony! Ladies thank you again for your vocals, amazing talents and most importantly your support. You ladies are amazing! Now to my triumphant 81 trio Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera, thank you for getting me through times in my life. Your music inspires, moves and motivates me!

Favorite movie ever?

Nightmare on Elm Street 1, 3 & 4 if there’s ever a reboot, I’d love to play Taryn. I am all for the Dream Team: Nancy, Taryn, Kristen, and Alice girl power! Yeah, not what you were expecting. With me, always expect the unexpected!

Favorite TV show ever?

Transcendent! Hands down, no questions asked, laughing to myself. I am a comic geek so Gotham has my interest as well as Heroes Reborn.  But believe it or not, my favorite that I can watch continuously is I Love Lucy. That redhead comedian never has a dull moment. “Riiicckky!”

Favorite social media app?

I dig Instagram and Facebook but Twitter’s nationwide live broadcast known as Periscope, now that’s awesome! I love that human connection.  This app allows us to communicate with one another vs posting stuff and waiting for a response such as likes and followers. A little human interaction is always needed.

 What is probably the most recent thing in your search history?

My two most recent search history are my YouTube vids that I recently – my user name "Xristina Ja'Lyxie Blioux" and "Fuse's Transcendent" – I want to see what will they post next, hahaha.

Describe the other ladies of Transcendent in two words.

Bambiana: Hi-La-Ri-Ous and ballsy, no pun intended, lol!
Bionka: Strong and empowering
Nya: Wild & fun = wildly fun:-) 
LA: Intelligent with confidence

In the past year or so the transgender movement has seen a huge increase in awareness and support. What things have you noticed in your daily life that have changed/gotten better?

Overall the main goal is to have inclusion. I feel it’s great to have the support and awareness that a show like Transcendent is bringing into light. I do feel society is becoming much more accepting.  With that said, in my opinion there is still a lot of growth needed in order for the trans community to feel included. Being human we are always learning something new about ourselves.  Life always is a growth process for us all, so why not “become who you are.”      

A little self-disclosure here: not much has changed in my daily life since after my transition. I am very fortunate that I have always felt welcomed. What has changed and become better for me is my own self-acceptance and awareness in being comfortable with who I am. I no longer feel the need to please everyone; either you like me for who I am or you can love to hate me for who I am.  Kisses!  

What are challenges you still experience in your daily life as a transgender woman? Any stories you wish to share?

My challenges have very little to do with being trans and a lot more to do with choices in my life. On one hand, I am torn between my dream job of some day becoming a Hollywood actress and having a career, and I also recently found out that the cough, cough “sample” I had cryogenically saved is in fact vital and obtainable, which presents a new option. Then there’s AsiaSF, it’s been my home and go-to.  I know am welcome back at any time but I think it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly. Hint, hint, Season 2!

World of Wonder
World of Wonder

Have you ever had a confrontational/negative experiences with someone unfamiliar with the transgender community and movement that you were able to turn into a more positive, teachable moment?

Besides my Mami? Poor Mami, Mami I love you! My life is my life and therefore is uniquely different from anyone else’s. With that said, I have been gifted with enlightenment. Best way I can explain it: I am like a dance, you are captivated and mesmerized by every movement, you are taken to another world. Every day is a teachable moment, that’s the beauty of the human race.  We are so uniquely different. Therefore, every interaction I have has been a positive step towards broadening someone’s mind. How receptive they are is  entirely up to them, but you can’t say you didn’t learn something new, ha!

What do you hope a show like Transcendent accomplishes?

Transcendent provides you with an authentic look into our lives, but we are not a representation of the whole trans community, just like we are not a representation of the whole human race. Transcendent accomplishes awareness and with that awareness there’s understanding.  Both are of equal importance because I feel people can be compassionate and inclusive.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about transgender people?

Aside from the world famous “That’s a man”--been there, heard that, do you have anything new kinda speech--the misconception about transgender people that I concluded is that we must not bleed or why else try and cut us with hurtful words? We must not hurt after all the bullying inflicted upon us and we must not feel pain from all the tears we cry. I mean, why else go through to such lengths to tear us down? (laughs) I mean you have to be a sadist or something to be so cruel. No, I don’t think that’s the case. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s a simple misconception.     

What advice would you give to your childhood/teenage self?

You have always placed yourself in the other person’s shoes, you have always shown compassion and sympathy for others at times that I wished you could have been a bit selfish.  So here’s my advice … not a damn thing! Everything I have gone through, the struggles and challenges I have faced, the person I have become, it’s all because I did it my way. You are a radiant beauty, keep shining and remember it’s your life, no one else’s. Keep doing it your way.  

What are your goals, aspirations and dreams for the future?

My dream … “To become a world famous Hollywood actriz.” I have also been exploring law enforcement.  For quite some time I have been interested in becoming an officer of the law, but note, there is no greater aspiration in life than to be #Happy.

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