October 6, 2015


Watch Twenty One Pilots Bust A Move to Panic! at the Disco

Sometimes six seconds can mean so much, you know? It's enough time for a person to say their final words, enough for a couple to utter "I love you" to one another for the very first time. It's also the length of a Vine, where all good things happen.

In the clip above, we see Twenty One Pilots drummer Josh Dun bust a move while listening to Panic! at the Disco's latest single, "Victorious." This is obviously why the app was invented.

Dun really gets his rave on with some ridiculous bright gloves. We're kind of jealous?

Watch it above, then get sucked in Panic! at the Disco fan world with our exclusive interview with frontman Brendon Urie. When you're done there, take The Ultimate Panic! at the Disco Fan Quiz...if you dare!