October 6, 2015


Stream and/or Download a Full-Length Kanye West/Weezer Mashup Album

Yeezer on Audiomack
Yeezer on Audiomack

Get ready to feel unaccomplished. Alex Hodowanec is only a sophomore at Ohio State University, but he's already made a complete album mashing up Kanye West and Weezer. And it's called...Yeezer. You can stream and/or download the whole thing for free over at Radio.

In an interview with the site, Hodowanec explained:

“The first song I started working on was the first song on the album—which is Kanye’s song through the ‘Through The Wire,’ mixed with ‘Beverly Hills.’ I just kinda figured ‘Beverly’ Hills was the most iconic Weezer song. It was really just a matter of finding songs that had similar feels and tempos from that point on. Once that first song clicked, I thought, you might as well just go for nine more, right?”

The breadth of songs used is impressive; the cohesion is incredible. Even the titles are on point, with silliness like "Bound 2 Smile" and "The Buddy Holly Workout Plan." This might be the best thing to happen to mashup culture since Patrick Moberg combined the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack with the best of Lil Wayne for 500 Days of Weezy.