October 20, 2015


Label Drops Shoegaze Band Whirr Over Transphobic Tweets

Run For Cover
Run For Cover

Over the weekend, San Francisco shoegaze act Whirr shared some ugly thoughts on Twitter. They were directed at the Olympia, Washington band G.L.O.S.S., or Girls Living Outside Society's Shit. The Seattle Weekly describes G.L.O.S.S. as "trans, queer, femme musicians"; their five-song, take-no-prisoners 2015 demo opens with the lyrics:

They told us we were girls
How we talk, dress, look and cry
They told us we were girls
So we claimed our female lives
Now they tell us we aren't girls
Our femininity doesn't fit
We're fucking future girls living outside society's shit

Whirr's barrage started with "Lol @ G.L.O.S.S." In a series of since-deleted replies to other Twitterers, the group added for its 3,850 followers:

"there is literally nothing not hilarious about that 'band.'"

"oh no, wouldn't want a couple of disowned sons after us"

"Misogyny is hating women. g.l.o.s.s. is just a bunch of boys running around in panties making shitty music."

Whirr's label, Run for Cover Records, which hosts acts like Pity Sex, Modern Baseball, Camera Shy and Elvis Depressedly, promptly dropped Whirr from its roster, tweeting on Tuesday:

"We as individuals and as a label are accepting of all people and require the same from the bands and people we work with... We will not be working with Whirr from this point on and do not support that behavior in anyway. We will post a full statement tomorrow. G.L.O.S.S. is awesome and crucially important and we need more bands like them."

On Tuesday morning, Whirr followed up with an apology and explanation. "The comments that were made last night do not reflect any member's personal views," reads part of the message from member Nick Bassett. "We had always let a good friend of ours have free reign of the Twitter account along with ourselves because we thought he was funny."

Probably the best aspect of all this messiness was G.L.O.S.S. leader Sadie Smith signing up for Twitter "solely to fuck [with Whirr]," dishing a string of brutal barbs. We'll leave ya with this one: