October 29, 2015


Zayn Malik's Manager Wants To Make Sure He Becomes An "Important Artist"

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It's been seven months since Zayn Malik parted ways with the boy band that created him, One Direction. For fans, it feels like a lifetime. Every once in a while Malik would poke his head back into the limelight, a new record deal here, a Simon Cowell interview there. In July we learned he signed with new management, the same that represents Iggy Azalea. The woman responsible is Sarah Stennett, and judging by a new Billboard profile, she seems, like, really fucking cool.

The piece is written like a day-in-the-life. Zayn becomes a part of the conversation when Stennett brings him up after lunch, "The environment he was in was all about compromise." she tells the reporter. “My job is simple: Make sure nobody gets in the way of him becoming an important artist.”

That's only part of it: Apparently Zayn has a new song ready and recorded! The story goes:

"Malik sometimes calls Stennett to play songs in progress over the phone, and now she plugs her device into the car’s stereo to do the same for Billboard. But first, she insists that we say nothing about the song, except that it exists. 'You can’t write about it. Do you promise?' she asks forcefully. We nod our agreement.

'Turn it up,' she tells the driver. Billboard can now exclusively report that Zayn Malik has recorded a song that Sarah Stennett has on her phone. But that’s all anyone can say. Double-crossing a lawyer is a bad idea."

We'll take this to mean that new Malik music is coming very, very soon. Until then, take our ultimate 1D trivia quiz.