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Adele Week

10 Adele Songs That Actually Make You Feel Happy

The English chanteuse is known for her big voice and sad heartbreak ballads. Need Adele but a shot of optimism, too? Never fear: we located the best (possibly only?) joyful tunes in her discography

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"If It Hadn't Been For Love"

It's probably weird to start this list with a cover, but hear us out: Adele has very, very few happy songs. Most of her repertoire deals with heartbreak, so when she belts out a positive one, we listen. This take on the bluegrass band the SteelDrivers appears on limited editions of 21 and has morphed into a relatively upbeat Adele track. If she sings it, she owns it. 

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Do you have goth friends that need some convincing to dive into Adele's world? Hand 'em over this cover of The Cure tune, "Lovesong." It also appears on 21 and gives the record a sort of sweet respite. There's joy in that chorus, people!

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"Promise This"

Adele completely killed this Cheryl Cole classic. Watching the English superstar belt out loving lines like "In the beginning there was nothing / So empty in the space between / And you came in, turned the lights on / And created what is come to be" is truly moving. 

4 / 10

“Right as Rain"

"Right As Rain" appears on Adele's first album, the incredible and oft-ignored 19, and while it might seem like another bummer tune, but there's definitely something under the surface. "Who wants to be right as rain / It's better when something is wrong / You get excitement in your bones / And everything you do's a game / When night comes and you're on your own / You can say 'I chose to be alone'/ Who wants to be right as rain / It's harder when you're on top." Here, Adele is celebrating knowledge and experience. Everything happens for a reason, right?

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“Melt My Heart to Stone”

This might actually be the saddest song ever written (seriously, just look up those lyrics), but Adele's "Melt My Heart to Stone" has a certain jazzy power to its sound that can't help but make you smile. Maybe not "happy," but hey, close enough!

6 / 10

“You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”

In most cases, we'd argue no one should cover Aretha Franklin. However, Adele has the pipes to deliver. Her rendition of "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" will make you want to hold your significant other close, but also take on the world. What's better than that?

7 / 10

"Rumor Has It"

Obviously the lyrical content of this 21 tune isn't the most positive point in Adele's discography, but it's upbeat tempo is legitimately dance-worthy. Plus, there's a certain tenacity here that's hard not to root for.

8 / 10


This is probably about the one that got away finding another, but if you take that element out of it, it's a sweet depiction of young love: "Daydreamer / Sitting on the sea / Soaking up the sun / He is a real lover / And making up the past / Feeling up his girl / Like he's never felt a figure before / A jaw dropper / Looks good when he walks / Is the subject of their talk / He would be hard to chase / But good to catch / And he could change the world." And he could!

9 / 10

"Make You Feel My Love"

Another cover--a great Bob Dylan one, from 19. Maybe Adele actually likes to sing warm-and-fuzzy songs, but only when they're written by other artists?

10 / 10

"I'll Be Waiting"

The most rousing track on 21 is "I'll Be Waiting," technically a breakup song but one that finds Adele hoping that the flame can be rekindled ("But now the sky has cleared and it's blue/And I see my future in you"). Combine the vibrant instrumentation with the only song in which the singer puts her "hands up," and you've got... wait for it... a happy Adele song!


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