November 6, 2015


Adele Sings "Hello" Live for the First Time: Watch

Adele's "Hello" has topped the charts and broken nearly every record imaginable. And not that she even really needs to, but the 25 star has kicked off the promo cycle for her comeback album. 

The star came filmed a special for BBC Music to give its first live performance, and just in case you had any worries, Adele still sounds bloody amazing.

The BBC previewed a bit of the premiere performance, with Adele emoting and belting just as we remember her. But we also love how she is giving off a lighter feel, as she's bopping around the stage a bit and forgoing her signature black dress for a lovely green frock.

The special will air at a later date, but you can watch the performance clip (along with some hilarious interview segments where she admits she drunk tweeted too many times) above.