November 17, 2015


Archspire Singer Defends Paris Jokes Made on Social Media: Exclusive

Jackie Bjornert/Season of Mist
Jackie Bjornert/Season of Mist

Oliver Rae Aleron, the lead singer of death metal group Archspire, is defending the jokes he made about the Paris terrorist attacks on social media on Friday night (Nov. 13) as the tragedy was taking place, Fuse can exclusively report. 

In an email to Fuse, Aleron takes aim at a Monday post on, titled “Archspire Vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron Cracks Wise About Paris Attacks,” that criticizes the singer’s jokes as in poor taste. He also refutes the report’s claim that he deleted the Facebook posts about the Paris attacks.

“In response to I did not delete my joke posts about Paris and I never would,” Aleron writes to Fuse. “I do not believe there is such a thing as ‘Too soon’. It's ironic how people threaten me for making jokes they found offensive when Paris was threatened by Isis for making jokes that they found to be offensive. 

“Freedom of speech doesn't only apply when it [sic] suits you,” Aleron continues, “it has too always apply or it can't at all.”

On Friday night, Aleron sent out two posts on Facebook that referenced the terrorist takeover at Le Bataclan concert venue in Paris during an Eagles of Death Metal concert.

“All jokes aside, I am truly shocked and appalled by what happened in France tonight,” Aleron’s post read. “I just can’t believe that even in this day and age there are still groups of people so ignorant and self destructive that they would actually pay money to see a band as awful as ‘The Eagles of Death Metal’”.

An earlier post from Aleron read, “Working in a french restaurant tonight, I’m wondering if taking a few ‘Shots’ after work may be in poor taste…”

Archspire is a metal group from Vancouver that formed in 2009. Aleron did not respond to Fuse’s follow-up questions about his social media posts.