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20 Artists You'll Like If You Love Adele

Yes, every Adele album is a big part of your life—but where do you go from there? Try adding a few of these acts into your playlist

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The woman who gave the world a built-to-last classic with 21 is far from alone in her gift of ageless, soulful songs focused around a big, captivating voice. From her English contemporaries to the legends who preceded her to international up-and-comers, these are 20 Adele-adjacent artists we think you'll dig.

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Ella Eyre

While she welcomes more modern production into her songs, 21-year-old London lass Ella Eyre has the type of sass fans of "Rumour Has It" will recognize in a snap.

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The Welsh singer hasn't dropped an album since 2010's Endlessly, her second effort, but her idiosyncratic, Motown-adoring work is enough to completely capture you until she comes back.

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Tobias Jesso Jr.

If someone's capable of entering Adele's hallowed sphere of co-writers, you can bet they've got some common DNA. Tobias Jesso Jr., the 30-year-old Vancouver native, worked on 25's "When We Were Young"—the second taste Adele offered from the album—and released his own debut, Goon, this past March.

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Rickie Lee Jones

The genre-spanning Chicago singer has spent decades sounding like she's singing directly to you, sitting just feet away. Anyone who's spent time with "Someone Like You" will recognize the feeling.

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Laura Mvula

Born to parents from Jamaica and Saint Kitts, Laura Mvula's background in a cappella and gospel choir has led to a pair of eclectic, excellent LPs. Her range is vast, and her piano skills are emotive. She's also gone the Adele route with a sweeping song for an action film, this past August's "You Work for Me," "inspired by" The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

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Nikki Jean

Minnesota's Nikki Jean has worked with Lupe FiascoKendrick Lamar squad-mate Ab-Soul and Chance the Rapper collaborator Donnie Trumpet—but she's more than happy to give shine to her retro side.

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Emeli Sandé

Something about British twenty-somethings with pipes, a piano and a penchant for the sounds of yesteryear never gets old. Emili Sandé—whose real first name is Adele, whaaaat—is at the front of the pack.

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One more piano-playing English chanteuse with a gift for sorrowful songs, 19-year-old Birdy has an easy in for you: At age 14, she dropped a gorgeous cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love." (More on her "Let It All Go" collaborator RHODES in a sec.)

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That gentleman dueting with Birdy on that last song? RHODES, a Brit who dropped his debut full-length, Wishes, this past September. Like Adele, he's got a voice that immediately paints a picture of an artist looking carefully into past romances, picking through the pieces.

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Nina Simone

The truly legendary, utterly unique High Priestess of Soul's work is a way station every music fan must reach on his or her lifelong journey—and there's no time like now, while you're in the Adele Zone, to become friends with Nina Simone.

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Cold Specks

The Toronto-born singer-songwriter born Ladan Hussein has a bottomlessly deep voice and a heady, verbose gift with lyrics. (Album one: I Predict a Graceful Expulsion. The sequel: Neuroplasticity.) She calls her stuff "doom soul," which requires you to check it out immediately.

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Paloma Faith

Ah, another Londoner who both adores the past and makes it her own. Paloma Faith has more of a predilection for the upbeat and dancey than Adele, but her little trills and accents are of a piece with She Who Sells Tens of Millions of Albums.

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Markéta Irglová

The Czech-born co-star of Once graduated from the Swell Season into her own solo career in 2011. Her work is more ethereal, and at times theatrical, than Adele's, but it's got a similarly cathedral-ready flair—and every song's built around piano.

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Liam Bailey

His sound runs through a great many stylistic rivers and features a good deal more guitars and rock 'n' roll moments, but something about the atmosphere Nottingham, England's Liam Bailey creates makes us think you'll dig him.

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Amy Winehouse

Only know Ms. Winehouse by reputation and "Rehab"? No conversation about British neo-soul would be complete without her and Ms. Adkins. Try delving further into the late singer's discography; gems await.

Also, they performed together at the BRIT Awards back in 2008!

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Michael Kiwanuka

A year before releasing his debut full-length, 2012's Home Again, the preposterously talented North Londoner toured as Adele's opener. Kiwanuka, too, has a voice you can hardly believe is happening in real time, rather than in golden ages gone by.

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Leona Lewis

The "Better in Time" and "Bleeding Love" singer tends to function as more of a traditional modern pop diva than Adele, but Leona Lewis' pipes are undeniable, and equally capable of turning you into a puddle.

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Jill Scott

Like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse, it feels silly to try putting someone on to Jill Scott in 2015, but hey, we don't know your life! The Philly lady has five albums of work ready for you, the latest being July's Woman.

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Kristina Train

Born in the artistic haven of Savannah, Georgia, Train has been operating out of London over the last five years. Now's a smart time to get into her dreamy, deep material—her last album was 2012's Dark Black, and she's surely due back soon.

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The Mynabirds

Whoa, more Americans! The quirky Nebraska indie-pop group led by pianist Laura Burhenn work well on the sultry side as they set forth on their electro-tinted adventures. Their latest, Lovers Know, just dropped in August.

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