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Adele Week

Adele's "Hello": The 15 Best Covers (So Far)

From Demi Lovato and Rita Ora to Shawn Mendes and up-and-coming YouTube talent, here are the most spot-on renditions of the heartbreaking tune

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Demi Lovato

Of all the young pop starlets, you know Demi Lovato's got the most impressive pipes. When we heard she covered Adele's "Hello" at a recent gig in Seattle, we couldn't hit the play button quick enough. Lo and behold, it's so great, it borders on perfect. Watch out, A!

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Joe Jonas as a sad clown

Another former Disney star, another take on the modern classic! Here former Jo Bro Joe Jonas decided to tackle the tune with DNCE...while dressed as a sad clown. Whatever floats your boat (or drives your clown car?).

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Rita Ora

Here's another unorthodox take for ya! Rita Ora "covered" the Adele song while on Capital FM. Too intimidated to actually do the thing, she sort of made-up her own lyrics. Seriously. It kicks off at the 1:20 mark in the video above.

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Seoul music student

How do you know if your cover actually measures up to the queen Adele? It goes viral! So goes life in 2015: When "Hello" officially dropped, a few days went by before the world became completely obsessed with this clip of a Korean teen covering the single. Apparently she's a student at the Seoul Music High School, but no one has been able to identify her yet, despite over 11 million YouTube views.

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Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole is slowly making a name for herself through YouTube covers, but none seem to have the magic of her "Hello" rendition, which has 220,000 YouTube views thus far. There's a whole lot of soul here--make sure to break out the tissues.

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Leroy Sanchez

Like Amanda Cole, Leroy Sanchez was birthed from the Internet and seems to be acquiring real fame because of it: How else could you explain the 9 million views on this bad boy? It's not just that cute face that's raking in those clicks.

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Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas is a well-known name in the R&B world, and his cover of "Hello" reflects why: There's a certain control here that could only be instituted by someone who really gets it. We should also mention that it's nice hear the song sung by a powerful, gentle male voice.

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American Sign Language

Some songs are so beautiful, they're more powerful than the sounds they produce. 'Tis the tale of Adele's "Hello." Watch the single performed in American Sign Language. Trust us, it's just as tear-inducing as the original. 

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Chloe Paige

Chloe Paige is currently belting her heart out on the U.K.'s version of the X Factor, and if we're being completely honest here, she's totally killing it. She was also one of the few people on this planet brave enough to attempt "Hello" live, and she did a kick-ass job.

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Conor Maynard

Conor Maynard is another self-made singer-songwriter, and rose to prominence when he won MTV's Brand New award in 2012 (Justin Bieber received the title in 2010, if you need some reference point.) With his cover of "Hello" in 2015, we see big things for the guy in the near future.

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Rajiv Dhall

Think of Rajiv Dhall as a next-gen Shawn Mendes in his own right: The guy is known for his killer Vine covers, and if six-seconds isn't enough to convince you, his talent can be found in full form on YouTube. His "Hello" cover is especially a long-form standout.

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Shawn Mendes

Mendes is still on the cover game, too! His "Hello" has some of his personality drizzled in there, and takes us back to the early days of Shawn's Internet fame.

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Alice Olivia

Not to be confused with the contemporary clothing company of the same name, Alice Olivia is something of a one-woman business herself: The up-and-coming singer-songwriter has pipes that don't quit. Fast forward to the one-minute mark--the power is undeniable. 

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Jade Novah

Jade Novah describes her sound as the intersection of R&B and musical theater, and she's not wrong. Her dynamic showmanship comes across in this cover of "Hello," one that has a surprise twist: Near the end, she sings "The Hanging Tree" from the Hunger Games, the very same that put Jennifer Lawrence on the music map.

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Sabrina Carpenter

You know and love her from Girl Meets World, but it's not only acting chops that make Sabrina Carpenter stand out. She's got some pipes! Her cover of "Hello" is sweet and somber, closer to the original than you'd expect.


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