November 10, 2015


Busted Reunites: British Trio Announces Comeback

Samir HusseinSamir Hussein/WireImage
Samir HusseinSamir Hussein/WireImage

Let us tell you a tale, America. There once was a pop-rock trio called Busted. They hailed from Southend-on-Sea (England, you Yank). They wrote some killer tunes in the early '00s, including "Year 3000," one that we'd all later confuse for a Jonas Brothers original. They were great, they were huge across the pond, they went on to write songs for One Direction. In the U.K., we can only wager that's close to godliness.

But the group disbanded in 2005, and it was ugly: As Noisey points out, frontman Charlie Simpson once compared being in that band to "torture." Fast forward almost a decade later and the group, as you might have guessed from the headline, has reunited!

According to the BBC, he comeback was announced during a press conference at the Soho Hotel in London, the site where Busted's breakup was confirmed 10 years ago. The trio has already set a May 11, 2016 show at Wembley. 

Maybe they're following in the footsteps of Good Charlotte? Or maybe it's just time for the U.K. to undergo the same sort of pop-rock early-'00s nostalgia that's plaguing our U.S. shores.

Either way, we're completely stoked. While you search for those old CDs, we recommend reading up on the new class of English rock bands